Birth Doula Only  


 ​Childbirth Education Classes Strongly Encouraged 



Birth Doula & Childbirth Classes $1350     

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Birth Doula & Belly Binding 


Doula Services Include: 

  •  A personal prenatal meeting where you can discuss your birthing preferences and prepare a birth plan 
  • **Natural Childbirth Classes so that you and your partner will be able to practice positions and relaxation techniques **Package only
  • Unlimited phone and email contact (business hours) throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period for questions
  • Your doula will be on call for you for the two weeks before your due date until your birth
  • Phone contact with you during early labor
  • Your doula will join you when you decide you would like her to, meeting you at your home, a birth center or the hospital depending on your preference
  •  She will attend your labor continuously providing physical comfort, emotional support, and information to assist you in decision-making.
  • Your doula will help your partner and any other support people, offering suggestions, information, assistance, and reassurance
  • She will remain with you for at least one hour postpartum to assist with initiating breastfeeding, to support early bonding and other early postpartum needs
  • Available by phone and email to answer any questions you have during your postpartum time
  • Offer you referrals for other resources as needed
  • One follow-up visit at your home within the first weeks postpartum to review your birth experience, answer any questions you have, assist with breastfeeding or make appropriate referrals, and get feedback from you about your experience of working with her.